View Full Version : WinXP Pro/GeFore3 Problems with 45.23 Drivers

08-25-03, 05:03 PM
I just rebuilt my machine with XP Pro - got plenty of juice:

P4 - 2.0Ghz
512Mb RAM
2 HDs - total 180Gb
Audigy Platinum
PNY Verto GeForce3 Ti-500 Video Card w/64Mb RAM

After completing the OS install, and patching (SP1) etc., I loaded the new 45.23 Detonator drivers directly from NVidia's Support Pages. The install seemed to work fine, but when I rebooted, and the desktop had loaded, I got an Critical Error Message (with no Error number) that said the Display drivers seemed to be the cause - then it automatically rebooted! The cycle continued.

Ironically, the original drivers that came with the card work fine. Does anyone have an idea as to what the problem may be? I have DirectX 9 installed.

Thanks for any help


08-25-03, 05:06 PM
As I said in your other post, I had the same problems. We essentially have the same card (they're both made by PNY, your is a 500 while mine is a 200). I'd say it must be a card-specific issue.

09-05-03, 12:01 AM
I have had so many issues with my Ti-200 (a PNY). I can't use any of the latest detonators, because even if it does boot, all display mode changes are horribly slow.

I have to use the last in the official 3x series of detonators to even use my card. What a rip.