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12-13-11, 05:24 AM
Steam’s registry indicates that Alan Wake is coming to the PC (http://www.dsogaming.com/news/steams-registry-indicates-that-alan-wake-is-coming-to-the-pc/)

This is huge, this is really huge. According to Steam’s registry, Alan Wake is coming to the PC. Although we don’t have any specific release date, we do know that those registry entries are as valid as they can get. We’ve also captured a screen from this registry entry that can be viewed bellow. In case you were unaware of, Sonic Generations’ PC version was leaked in the same way, so there is no doubt about the validity of the source. Steam’s registry does not lie, that’s a fact. Bottom line is that Alan Wake is coming to the PC, it’s semi-official now.

Let’s also not forget Remedy’s Aki Järvilehto statement:

“We have received feedback from a lot of PC gamers, and I have to admit that yes, we somehow ignored that. Let’s see if in the near future we could have some positive news to tell you about dating!”

This can be easily translated as “We are developing it and will let you know about its release date”. The key word here is dating. Aki could easily had stated that they might have some good news about the development of a potential PC version. But no, Aki intentionally used the word ‘dating’ which hints to a future release of Alan Wake to the PC.

Rejoice PC gamers, it’s coming!

12-13-11, 05:35 AM
Was it any good in the end? I kind of lost interest in it after it went 'console only'.

12-13-11, 07:00 AM
Was it any good in the end? I kind of lost interest in it after it went 'console only'.
It was athmospheric shooter with very clear paths from point A to B, no free roaming.

12-13-11, 07:10 AM
Not buying it.

Going from a PC exclusive game to multiplatform to Xbox exclusive(=butchering the whole concept due to console limitations) and then announcing, you might actually make a PC version, because, let's be honest the game didn't sell well is not winning you any favors.

12-13-11, 07:16 AM
they can stick their console crap. Too late, don't care.

I wouldnt insult my PC with drivel like this.

12-13-11, 07:21 AM
I knew this would happen. It sold horribly on the xbox and they want to push dlc when there's really not much interest.

12-13-11, 07:54 AM
It was one of the best games I've ever played. It's very late, but when it comes to PC you would really be missing out if you didn't play it. If you were buying into the original hype, you'll likely be disappointed. Yes, there is no free roaming. Yes, it's very point A to point B. But the story telling and atmosphere are second to none. The "light as a weapon" actually works well and creates options and opportunities in combat.

You should pass on the 2 DLC's unless you were crazy about the combat. They don't advance the story at all and are a rehash of the existing levels for the most part. There are maybe one or two story pieces that you'll miss.... but my wife and I just watched someone play through it on youtube instead of actually buying it.

12-13-11, 08:45 AM
It was good, very linear as they say, but I liked it.

12-13-11, 09:01 AM
This could be the new Alan wake game that was just announced a couple days ago

12-13-11, 09:49 AM
I thought it was decent, it's just a shame it didn't come out on PC at the same time as the 360 version, using all the bells and whistles of dx10 that were promised

Hate to sound like such a pc gamer (negative lol) but at this point, I'm assuming it will be a half-hearted port with console/low res textures, not much change, maybe an added level..

Too little, too late.

12-13-11, 11:17 AM
Original alan wake was fantastic. Would love to play it again on pc with all dlc. If its the new alan wake.. that great too, although I kind of wish that they had ended alan wake at the end of the first game. The story was so good that it deserved a real resolution. (don't get me started on games and cliffhangers..)

Oh another thing.. What a snooty PC elitist we have here... "Insult my pc with drivel like this?" Really?

12-13-11, 11:32 AM
they better make it Dx11 noobs :P

12-13-11, 12:08 PM
I bet this is going to be the new game and not the original since the second one is not published by MS I believe and is a digital only title.

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12-13-11, 07:08 PM
I actually like the game when it was coming to the PC and how it was going to be a sandbox game. Then it was scrapped for PC and the game went linear.:thumbdwn:

12-13-11, 08:14 PM
360 version was a rather average game overall. Too darn linear. Too repetitive. Too few memorable moments.

12-13-11, 09:17 PM
not suprised, i was interested in the game when vista came out. now that i seen that it was nothing special, they would have to sell the game at 10 bucks, so i might pick it up on 2 dollar sale

12-13-11, 10:27 PM
I bought the Alan Wake + Forza 3 combo a couple of weeks ago. I have only tried the game briefly but i can´t help but thinking: "Imagine this game at 60 fps without motion blur and mouse+keyboard controls".

I think anything Alan Wake releated would be awesome on PC :)

12-13-11, 11:23 PM
can't wait to see what DX10 can do...


12-14-11, 01:33 AM
can't wait to see what DX10 can do...



12-14-11, 11:02 AM
It's official, coming to the PC in the first quarter of 2012

12-14-11, 12:20 PM

I'll get it. I have it for 360 but I absolutely LOATHE the controls using the game pad. I simply can't adjust to it. I have no issues playing halo, gears or other shooters on PS3 but for some reason, I just couldn't get used to alan wake.

Remember when this blew our minds?


Spartan 117
12-14-11, 01:10 PM
Alan Wake was originally suppose to be a PC exclusive but then it took an arrow in the knee.

12-14-11, 01:48 PM

12-14-11, 07:23 PM
Way to totally avoid the question.
RPS: So it will support PC-grade textures and the latest DirectX?

Aki Järvilehto: The experience of running it on a high-end PC, with a ninja set-up, is such a big difference. On a large display, on a high-end PC, it looks gorgeous.

12-14-11, 07:34 PM
This game is already a wash in my book, but it's interesting to know at least it was enjoyed on the xbox. What's really funny is that I'm looking through old threads and there is one from 07 where Duke Nukem Forever, Alan Wake, and Rage are all mentioned.

We've got 2 out of 3 now...

It's actually interesting to see how many of these games were announced 4 years ago. Quite surprising when you think about it because they must have announced these titles with next to no code completed. And all of them are DX9 games with lower quality textures....