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12-18-11, 10:43 PM
Wanted to share my thoughts on my newly acquired card here for yall. I ran 3dmark at max OC and again at nvidia specified speeds just to show the kind of gains you can expect with these things, and I also wanted to share my specific thoughts on my EVGA GTX448 FTW card specificly.

First off though

my test system
Core i5 2500k @ 4ghz
8gb DDR3 1333 G.Skill Ripjaw
Samsung 830SSD
Coolermaster RC430 Elite with 3 intake 120mm Logysis Green LED fans, 2 exahust logysis Green LED fans

Thats what I ran 3dmark on, now at nvidia's specified core and memory speeds we score

P5574 in 3dmark11 and incase you don't know recomended speeds they are 732/1464/1900.

Max Stable OC i was able to get on this card

P6991 in 3dmark11 @ 962/1924/2100 @ 1.1V and the card didn't go over 71C the entire time and my air cooling isn't even that great.

Now on another forum a use has the new EVGA Classified version his topped out at 967 core not to far off from my own card, so I'd say spending the extra isn't really needed unless you plan to volt mod to go over 1.1V and run it under water as the classified has a 2+4 PWM while the FTW is just 4PWM from my understanding.

Now i run it at 870/1740/2200 all day long for normal useage at default voltage, just at max core OC the ram has to be down clocked.

Overall Id say the 289.99 sticker price is well worth it, and even at stock speeds it can tie a highly oc'd GTX560 Ti, and OC'd it will give a GTX570 a beating and come real close to a GTX580.