View Full Version : Coming soon to an Intel motherboard near you...

08-27-03, 10:14 AM
From this thread:

Check out the attached image. Should finally let those of us w/Intel 875PBZ and 865 series boards do some tweaking!

08-27-03, 12:05 PM
Looks pretty cool that program :)

08-28-03, 05:31 AM
When will that program be released?

08-28-03, 09:12 PM
They aren't saying. :(

Indicators are that it should be "soon" though. BIOS P012 was released for my 875PBZ and it adds "support for Intel Desktop Control Center". Figures if they would release a BIOS that's necessary to work w/that program then it's gotta be right around the corner. I'm hoping it comes out before this weekend, but we'll see... I'm going to be checking frequently tomorrow while at work.

09-01-03, 10:04 AM
Thanks. :)

09-01-03, 10:28 AM
Can't wait to see this program available...

10-29-03, 02:05 PM

This program is now available for download if you are interested.

Unfortunately, it looks more like it just lets you adjust the same stuff you can in the BIOS. In other words, there is no extra functionality with regard to overclocking, vDIMM adjustments or anything else. Bummer... :(