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08-27-03, 02:38 PM
My task manager doesnt show two processors. i made sure HT is enabled in bios. i have a 2.6c btw. it is a fresh reinstall windows. 2 processors show up in device manager but not in task manager. i tried doing show one graph per cpu in task manager but it is grayed out. can anyone help? thanks

08-27-03, 03:44 PM
Ummm, not really sure but it my first thought is what you just mentioned, "A fresh re-install."

I know some people think they "re-format" when all they did was setup windows over itself. :) That is not a reformat as the files they had were still present...lol was kinda funny when I heard it too.


Friend caught that worm that was out about 2 weeks ago. She didn't wanna take care of it the easy way and decided to reformat. Well, she ran Windows XP Pro setup twice and reinstalled over the same partition because she still had the worm from the first time she ask.

I asked, "You sure you are reformatting?" She said, "Yes." Then proceeded to tell me how she did it. I giggled and told her how she had to delete the partition that windows was originally on then create a new partition, format it and then install XP on that partition. She said "Oh... so that's why..." I said, "Hehe... yesssss... ;) ."

She was surprise she had to reinstall all her drivers and such because she had never had to do that before... hehe. ;)

Anyhow, if that doesn't work... something is up because a fresh install of XP will recognize HT as 2 CPU like the attached pic. Another thing you can do is make sure MPS Revision 1.4 is being used as well. Should be located under Avanced>Chipset options.




08-27-03, 04:34 PM
You know you don't have to delete the partition it's on, when installing XP select the drive you want then select quick format, this will wipe the drive clean the proceds to install XP.

08-27-03, 05:03 PM
I change the size of my boot partition all the time so I naturally say delete the partition. :D That's all... out of habbit. However I have never tried the quick format option either. I only do that in computer management services when I am creating and shifting around partitions.



08-27-03, 05:53 PM
Well first of all make sure you're not running WinXP Home, because if you are it has no support for dual processors.

The Baron
08-27-03, 06:07 PM
Originally posted by netviper13
Well first of all make sure you're not running WinXP Home, because if you are it has no support for dual processors.
HT != dual processors. XP Home supports HT.