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12-30-11, 05:20 AM
Deus Ex: a game so good it gave us actual neuroses about its sequels. Invisible War, a shonky but interesting and sometimes hilarious shooter, became reviled as a crime against gaming for declaring itself to be Deus Ex 2. And when Human Revolution started looking seriously, seriously good, none of us could quite believe it.

But it happened. This third game has the wealth of alternate routes and versatile tools that made Deus Ex great, and expands it with huge city hubs, packed with more sidequests and background story than the original ever had. It reworks the system for augmenting yourself to give you trickier choices between more powerful abilities. And all of those abilities are more slickly designed and satisfying to use. Itā??s not better in every way, by any means, but nothing else comes this close.

http://media.pcgamer.com/files/2011/12/GOTY-Deus-Ex-1-590x368.jpg (http://media.pcgamer.com/files/2011/12/GOTY-Deus-Ex-1.jpg)

Itā??s an action game, which our neuroses tell us is automatically bad, but most of the concessions to blockbuster accessibility are genuinely, and surprisingly positive. Melee was almost comically unconvincing in Deus Ex 1: now itā??s jaw-droppingly brutal and consistently satisfying. A cover system seemed like a frightening departure, but it ended up making for a much more developed and complex stealth option.

Mainly, though, itā??s just so good to have it back. Itā??s Deus Ex! But shinier! And we havenā??t played it through 26 times yet! And DLC is coming out for it! And everyoneā??s sharing stories about the incredible things that happened to them, and all the ways the quests can play out, and all the people they punched in the face, and what aug builds they want next. Deus Ex 4 is bound to be ****, though.

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