View Full Version : New Stereoscopic Player Version 1.7.8 is Now Available for Download

01-06-12, 06:00 AM

Peter Wimmer has just released a new version of his Stereoscopic Player, one of the most popular, widely used and innovative solutions for playing back 3D videos in different formats on different types of 3D-capable setups. So it is no winder that the International 3D Society has also recognized the importance of this piece of software, and thus it is among the 14 companies and organizations that are going to be honored in the 2012 3D Technology Awards. The latest Stereoscopic Player version 1.7.8 adds support for 2D+depth input format, so if you are interested in testing some clips using this format you should now be ale to with the latest version. I??m reminding you that the Stereoscopic Player comes with a free evaluation version with some limitations, so you can try it before you decide if it works for you and should you buy a license for the software.

- To download the just released new Stereoscopic Player version 1.7.8? (http://3dtv.at/Downloads/Index_en.aspx)

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