View Full Version : my thoughts on the GF FX 5600U

08-28-03, 04:48 PM
It's a Gainward 400/800 card Golden sample.

1) It overclocks extremely well, 460c/950m or so

2) It performs worse and better than a GF4 4800SE at 340/650 depending on the game ( no AA and AF )

3) It requires more LOD bias adjustment in rivatuner to get a good score in 3dmark2001, ie 6+ rather than 4+ for GF4. This shows the limitation of the 2x2 or 4x1 pipeline structure ( gf4 = 4x2 ).

4) It is better with shaders in 3dmark03 , of course, than the Gf4. I assume this is down to the architecture and nvidia "optimised" drivers ;).

In summary, a good all round jack of all trades, but master of none. Good upgrade for people averse to ati who havea Gf4 MX or GF3 card.



08-28-03, 05:32 PM
As a gf3 owner who had a GF4ti for a while (but needed a card that could handle higher AGP freq's, so I happily downgraded), the 5600U does look like a decent upgrade... I never spend more than $160 on a vidcard, and IMO when the 5600U comes down a little, I'll be getting one... I don't take sides on the IQ debates, as I'm still learning a lot about the intricasies of IQ/AA/AF... and I know for a fact that I'd be real pleased with a card that offers good performance in the games *I* play... @ 10x7, with 2-4XAA & 4-8XAF...