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01-17-12, 03:14 AM
I just upgraded to an EVGA FTW X79/CORSAIR DOMINATOR GT 16GB/INTEL i7-3960X. Does anyone know where i can buy an Asetek LG 2011 Adapter for my Asetek Liquid Cooling block? The Asetek liquid cooled block was originally designed for the HP Blackbird 002 with Intel's older cpu socket design the Intel LGA775. Once Intel released their LG1366 socket design Asetek then released an adapter kit so i could use the same Asetek liquid cooling block on the Intel LG1366 based CPU. I have just put in my order for the upgrade and need to know if my current Asetek liquid cooling block in addition the Asetek adapter that's designed for the Intel LG1366 would infact also work with Intel's LG2011 socket layout? And if not can someone please point me in the right direction? This may decide the fate of my HP Blackbird 002 case. If nothing will work because Asetek lost interest in continuing to support this liquid cooling pump and block then my only other options are to move forward onto buying another computer case and Corsair liquid cooling kit. I don't want to leave out any options so i wanted to get some suggestions and advice from the pros on this forum.

(My current configuration with the AseteK LC block using the AseteK adapter kit for the Intel LG 1366 socket.)


Asetek LGA1366 Mounting Kit for LCLC Liquid Cooling System - Includes Hold Down Ring and Backplate.


01-17-12, 08:49 AM
Try here http://www.performance-pcs.com/catalog/index.php

01-17-12, 08:11 PM
Thanks for your lead lee63, I did get in touch with the support team over at Asetek and they linked me to eBay for the parts I'll need to mount my Asetek Water Block to the LG2011 CPU and motherboard socket. However my only other question is how will i mount a backplate to the motherboard because i do not see anything relating to the LG2011 backplate instructions. Here's the Asetek parts layout for Intel and AMD.




01-18-12, 06:41 AM
I dug deeper into this matter. There are no holes on the back of the motherboard. There's only screw inserts for mounting in the front on each corner but certainly not going all the way through from front to back of the motherboard of an Intel X79 series from EVGA. It looks like all the mounting will be top side only. Now the only thing i want to know is if my Asetek dual pump and water block are considered low profile? I want to also be able to overclock the Intel i7 Extreme with the current Asetek water block after it's mounted into place. I guess someone might know of I'll get a follow up support reply directly from Asetek.