View Full Version : Star Trek Online sets phasers to F2P today

01-18-12, 05:00 AM
SWTOR‚??s shiny, soon-to-be-new tweaks may be hogging the spotlight, but it‚??s not the only space-faring MMO gearing up for a change of pace. Starting today, Star Trek Online is boldly going where, well, pretty much every other MMO has gone before: into the realm of free-to-play. The game now employees a two-tier pricing system (http://www.startrekonline.com/f2p_features), with Silver providing a solid (and free) starting point, while Gold adds all sorts of bells and whistles ‚?? including user-created content tools, a larger inventory, and more character slots ‚?? for a $15 monthly fee.

Cryptic‚??s released the above trailer to celebrate your space piggy bank‚??s new lease on life. Watch it and revel in slight confusion as generic male Shepard from Mass Effect rises through Starfleet ranks. Or maybe it‚??s his twin cousin. Regardless, mankind may have the technology to live among the stars, but has it lost sight of what matters most: distinctive hairstyles?

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