View Full Version : Western Digital Expects to Restore Output by September

01-20-12, 09:10 AM
More... (http://www.xbitlabs.com/news/storage/display/20120119231339_Western_Digital_Expects_to_Restore_ Output_by_September.html)

01-20-12, 11:24 AM
That's all fine and good, but I'm suspiscious of whether or not prices will ever get as low as they once were. I know the manufacturers had good reason to raise the prices, but what's to stop them from keeping the prices higher than they were before, even after supply has been restored?

Me- I'd love to find a good deal on some 4TB drives. Since I'm not doing any GPU upgrades untill much later this year (if at all) I'm planning to upgrade the storage in my computer. Some new and larger SSDs, larger HDDs. I'm thinking two 4TBs should last me a very long time, my smaller drivers I can replace with comparable sized SSDs. Or atleast I'm hoping to. :lol: