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08-31-03, 05:58 AM
Wow.. talk about timing.. I turned on my pc the other day and the drive was making some dodgy clicking noises. Apparently this is not good..

And then new firmware comes out sweet.. hopefully it'll be in the nick of time..

anyone else updated the firmware for their death... I mean deskstars?

Edit: Damnit, I just ran the update program, and I need to make a boot floppy.. I dont even have a floppy drive in my pc anymore.. gah.. why cant it do it from windows like Abits flashmenu.. :)

08-31-03, 06:53 PM
They want to make it difficult for you! ;)

BTW, I'd back your data up quick if it's making any kind of odd mechanical noises. It might be nothing, but then again...

And kinda OT, but anyone who says the floppy is dead has never needed to run setup for XP and hit F6 to load a driver for their SCSI array or IDE host controller. You absolutely MUST load the driver from A:, and it won't let you choose a path.

Retarded isn't it?

09-01-03, 06:35 AM
I eventually got round to sticking my old floppy in. The 1st disk I tried failed to boot into dos.. probably gave the heads a good clean tho.. 2nd time lucky, and it updated.. I'm currently halfway through a backup, but 60gigs onto CDR takes a while... :)

09-01-03, 08:42 AM
I'll be applying this update to my 2.5yr old 60GXP when I get home next week.

Nutty, if your drive really did make noise, get another one now, its days are numbered. I've probably gone through 10 HDDs over the years, from almost every manufacturer, noise = imminant death. Typically between 5 sec and 1 month away :(

09-01-03, 08:46 AM
Yeah, I'm planning on getting a westen digital 8meg cache one.. but I've got soo many other things to buy 1st..

Ever since I bought the 60GXP I've never been able to format it fully, always used to hang at 95%.. Not the most encourging news but.. it still works fine.. Hasn't made any noise for a few days now.

09-01-03, 09:21 AM
Damn, 60 gigs onto CDR?!? That would take a while. About as fun as installing 95 or OS/2 from floppy was. ;)

Times like that, you gotta love tape drives.

09-01-03, 09:52 AM
...think this new firmware will ressurrect me 40Gb deskstar from it's grave? I betcha I can get it to boot long enough to update the firmware, but I don't see how that will help warped platters. :(

09-04-03, 10:20 AM
Will this firmware be any good for my old IBM Deskstar 75GXP hard drive? Secondly, where can I find this update? It's not on the front page anymore.

09-04-03, 10:46 AM
Should do yeah, but anyway, the identification utility will determine if you have any drives that require upgrading. Theres also 2 firmware versions, so this tells you which version you need. Then at the bottom of the page are links to the appropriate version you need.


09-04-03, 12:51 PM

09-09-03, 02:40 AM
Firmware updated succesfully, perhaps this 60GXP will outlast its warranty, only 6 months to go.

I believe ALL the 75GXPs at work have finally died (some weren't used until recently.) I believe the longest life was 7months. The one in my work computer lasted for 5 months. Had I known about that firmware back in Jan, it may still have been alive today.

09-09-03, 03:45 AM
My 60GXP has lasted several years so far.. although my pc at home isn't on 24/7 like my work pc. It did make a few clicks recently, but not since I updated the firmware.. I'll prolly change it over within the next 12 months, and stick it in my download server.

09-09-03, 12:04 PM
I am surprised that my IBM Deskstar 75GXP is running fine for 3-4 years now. Wasn't this the hard drive that was said to be very unreliable?

09-09-03, 12:09 PM
Yeah the 75GXP was the worst IBM drive.

Has anyone tried flashing a failing 40Gb 60GXP drive? I have one that I can make work for a few minutes, but then the bios fails to recognize it....I just don't even want to play with the damned thing anymore if there isn't any hope. :(

09-10-03, 04:54 AM
I noticed that after updating the firmware, all (or most) of the S.M.A.R.T. stats were reset. And I'd just reached 10,000 hrs power on, a new personal record! :O Since the whole point of the system was to collect stats during its life time, to warn of reaching the end of its life, baring catistrophic failure, this is a bit disapointing, though not completely surprising.