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01-27-12, 06:00 AM
Today NVIDIA released¬*CUDA 4.1 (http://www.developer.nvidia.com/cuda-toolkit-41), including a new CUDA Toolkit, SDK, Visual Profiler, Parallel Nsight IDE and NVIDIA device driver.

CUDA 4.1 makes it easier to accelerate scientific research with GPUs with key features including

a redesigned Visual Profiler with automated performance analysis and expert guidance;
a new LLVM-based compiler that generates up to 10% faster code; and
1000+ new imaging and signal processing functions in the NPP library.
The CuSparse library included with CUDA 4.1 has a new tridiagonal solver and 2x faster sparse matrix-vector multiplication using the ELL hybrid format, and the CuRand library included with CUDA 4.1 has two new random number generators. ¬*The CUDA 4.1 toolkit also brings some great improvements to its debugging and performance analysis tools.

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CUDA 4.1 Toolkit 4.1 Feature Overview Webinar

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