View Full Version : Runniing memory at slower timeing make much difference

01-29-12, 11:14 AM
I have a i7920 with 6gigs of 7-7-7-21 1.64v of DDR1600 OCZ ,I was thinking of getting a 12 gig set 3 x 4gig and the timeing on them are 8-9-8-24 at 1.64v at DDR1600 ,will I see it any slower or should the extra memory make it any faster.

01-30-12, 09:58 AM
The difference will be pretty much unnoticeable.

02-03-12, 07:29 AM
I know the speed of the memory makes little difference with a i7-920 becuse I ran my memory at 1600mhz and at 1200mhz and in all bench marks the difference was around 250 to 300 points ,but I did not try slower timeings.Memory prices are pretty cheap at the moment,unless you want DDR1600 or higher with 7-7-7-21 timeings.,but you can get some 16gig kits of G.Skill DDR1333 with 7-7-7-21 for around $80.Since I run mine at 1200 it works out just fine ,but it will do 1600 if I raise the timeing to 8-8-8-24.