View Full Version : Is your 5900 fan on ALL the time? (yet another fan noise thread)

08-31-03, 09:03 PM
Four 5900 Ultra engineering samples I've tested this weekend have a fan that NEVER POWERS DOWN. The fan is loud/fast all the ****ing time, even when the 3D pipeline is unused.

My 5800 non-Ultra fan never bothers me, because it shuts off moments after boot and never goes fast for 3D gaming. My 5800 Ultra FX Flow fan never bothers me much, because it's blowing only during 3D gaming, and has no high-pitched whine. Yet these 5900 Ultra fans are driving me batty, because they stay on and their high-pitch is audible in the next room, through closed doors!

So I have 400-dollar questions for FX 5900 Ultra owners. What models of 5900 Ultra fan don't always stay on for you? If you have a non-standard 5900 Ultra fan, would you characterize the noise as high-pitched or a low whirr?


09-01-03, 04:25 AM
I wonder if they fixed that 3D screen saver of death issue?

09-01-03, 05:13 AM
the screen saver of death issue shouldnt exist on the 5900 as it was tied to the 5800's ddr2 getting extremely hot and eventually doing away with itself (and the fan not working properly...at least thats how mines died)

09-01-03, 11:53 AM
Only time I really notice the fan on my 5900nu is when I reboot the PC - a sudden surge of revs as the power drops/rises. I assume this is to counter power-down heat spike?