View Full Version : What Video Card should i get for my specs

09-02-03, 04:49 AM
What Video card should i get for my specs listed below. I GOT NO LCUE what so ever what card is best for my specs..

09-02-03, 05:29 AM
The highest spec you can afford.

09-02-03, 06:22 AM
Originally posted by BMPTank
...Pentium 4 3 GHZ 800 FSB Hyper-Threading | 512mb Corsiar XMS PC-3200 DDR...PNY Verto GeForce 4 MX 440-SE 64MB SDRAM PCI

With those specs, your system deserves the best video card you can afford because it will take advantage of it. The GF4MX you currently own is KILLING your computer's gaming performance.

For you, I recommend a GFFX5900 or Radeon9800. Either will fit well with yoru specs. If your asking which to choose, you'll get a lot of opinions. My personal choice is the 9800, it's getting better reviews thus far. ;)

09-02-03, 06:24 AM
My choice would also be the 9800, although save some cash and get the 128MB card:)

09-02-03, 07:14 AM
One of the two cards I have below would do just fine :)

09-02-03, 07:51 AM
If you plan on dabbling in Linux, get the NVIDIA card. Otherwise I would recommend the 9800 Pro. The 128 mb variant should suit your needs perfectly.

09-02-03, 09:49 AM
Originally posted by saturnotaku
If you plan on dabbling in Linux, get the NVIDIA card. Otherwise I would recommend the 9800 Pro. The 128 mb variant should suit your needs perfectly. Werd. :afro:

09-02-03, 09:58 AM
Id recomend a 9800 Pro 128mb also, there was some online deal to get a VisionTek 9800 Pro 128MB for 299$, i think they sold out though, it was from CompUSA.

09-03-03, 12:19 PM
NewEgg (http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProduct.asp?catalog=48&DEPA=1&submit=property&mfrcode=0&propertycode=&propertycodevalue=4884,3668) has the R9800 128ddr non-pro for only $249us. That's a pretty good deal when you consider most R9800 non-pro's can overclock to pro speeds

09-03-03, 09:25 PM
I'd recommend a 9700 or a 9800 card (pro or non-pro). 9700s are still pretty damn fast, and a lot of them are overclocking wonders. Not to mention it would be pretty hard to make a 9700 the bottleneck unless you run EVERYTHING at 1600x1200 with full AA/Aniso settings. Or if you can't stand your FPS dropping below 100...

Oh, the FX5900 is pretty good too, but comes at a much higher price tag. You could easilly get a 9700 for half the price (if not less).

09-03-03, 11:53 PM
get the 9800:D

Cool Barn
09-04-03, 08:35 AM
For someone who has no idea about video cards you certainly lucked out with the rest of your rig - very nice. Let us know how it performs when you get a nice new 9800 Pro in there!

09-04-03, 09:36 AM
Get that Matrox Parahelia

09-04-03, 01:20 PM
I second Mun's opinion to get the Parahelia.

Or if you cant find one of those at the store, maybe a 5900.

09-04-03, 01:24 PM
9800pro, these guys are just joking about the parhelia and the 5900. That 9800 will really shine bright in your rig. (Nice one by the way!)

09-04-03, 02:52 PM
9800 pro definately........and I have 2 5900 Ultra's and a 9800 pro. Until Nvidia announces what the problem is with the flickering, mouse scroll beeps, and very poor ps 2.0 performance, I would stay away from Nvidia all together. At this point, I am definately selling the 5900's for a new rv360 now.