View Full Version : Chai, a new managed platform for GPGPU

02-13-12, 07:00 AM
Chai is a new managed platform for GPGPU. It is a free and open source clean room workalike of the PeakStream platform. While not production-ready, the just-released alpha version (https://github.com/cjang/chai) is able to compile and run non-trivial PeakStream demo code on AMD and NVIDIA GPUs (e.g. conjugate gradient).

Chai combines an application virtual machine, garbage collection, auto-tuning JIT compiler, and high level array programming language implemented as an embedded domain-specific language in C++. The JIT back-end uses expectation-maximization to auto-tune and generate vectorized OpenCL.*The JIT includes auto-tuned model families for GEMM and GEMV. Although originally developed for AMD GPUs, these parameterized kernel families also generalize to NVIDIA GPUs.

More... (http://gpgpu.org/2012/02/13/chai-a-new-managed-platform-for-gpgpu)