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02-13-12, 07:00 AM
What better way to set foot into the upcoming week than having me going: ‚??Stop! You there, yes you, wearing the ‚??I Heart FemShep‚?? shirt and hugging the plushie Thane. No, the guy behind you. Yup, you. Nice neck tattoo. I know you have work, but there‚??s an important thing you have to see over *coughMass* here *coughEffect* and you *cough3* really, really *coughfootage* need to see it. Really. Re-ally.‚?? *wink*? If you want me to me more explicit: there‚??s a 40 minute video of the opening of Mass Effect 3 (http://www.masseffect.com/agegate/?url=%2Fme3%2Fhome%2F) a few centimetres below this paragraph, so please stop anything important, like work or cutting an umbilical cord, and watch it.
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