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02-17-12, 07:00 AM
If you missed part one of Craig Lager‚??s two-part guide to getting going in proper racing games, that‚??s here (http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/02/15/off-to-the-races-breaking-into-driving-sims-part-1/). Now read on for the final part, covering advanced techniques, what high-end kit to pick up and which games will best make you wheely good.

Everyone will tell you that the most important thing with racing is consistency. One really fast lap is nothing compared to being able to do 15 fast laps in a row. You need to do some long races. Pick a circuit you know, set the lap count high and go. If you have it, F1 is perfect for this because you can turn all the assists off, set up a 100% race length race and drive for 80 or so minutes with a few flashbacks in the bank in case you mess everything up on the last couple of laps. When you‚??re done and happy, it‚??s time to think about wheels again because we‚??re heading in to all-out sim territory.

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