View Full Version : Who makes best FX 5900 non-ultra, BFG, PNY or eVga

09-03-03, 02:12 PM
Who makes the best GeForce FX 5900 non-ultra, they all cost around 300 bucks, i need to decide who makes the best, like cooling, warranty and speed.

eVGA e-GeForce FX 5900 128mb DDR - $279.99
PNY Verto GeForce FX 5900 128mb DDR - $279.99
BFG GeForce FX 5900 128mbDDR - $277.89

09-03-03, 03:51 PM
I would also go with the BFG one with eVGA second based on user experiences I've read here. I own the PNY Verto GFFX5900Ultra while a great card, the warranty does suck (warranty only applies if they are still selling the GFFX5900U otherwise nada).

09-03-03, 03:54 PM
If you're conscious about prices, you can find the eVGA for $248. (Hint: BuyXtremeGear and GameVE)

However if you like the true lifetime warranty, I would go with BFG.