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02-19-12, 04:40 AM
Sundays are for wondering exactly what was in that black booze you were drinking last night, and marvelling at the peculiar things it seems to be doing to your brain and body this morning. Something about Bristol always makes me very thirsty. And did that girl really describe her job as ‚??the nerd-facing part of the company‚??? Anyway, things are looking up: there‚??s sunshine outside and internet full of writings. Let‚??s take a look at those.

A few things bug me more than pompous types pissing on people‚??s enthusiasm for something, but this morning that really bugs me. I noticed a few people dismissing this gigantic essay (http://www.popbioethics.com/2012/02/why-mass-effect-is-the-most-important-science-fiction-universe-of-our-generation/) on the Mass Effect universe, and it made me sad. I can, of course, understand why they‚??d sneer. It‚??s basically fan writing, it‚??s a bit clumsy, it‚??s trying to read deeper meaning into a commercial fiction. But the author cares, and has poured energy into thinking about something he enjoys. He‚??s committed to his idea and produced a tonne of words, a bunch of interesting observations, and some comments on what Mass Effect might mean the people who play it. Yeah, games can mean something even if that meaning is much deeper than the message of your average a Star Trek episode. Mass Effect is a huge slab of pop culture, and that‚??s worth considering. Hell, I generally shrug in the face of Bioware, and the central thesis here is a bit depressing if it‚??s true, but I‚??d rather read ten-thousand reams of this stuff than another Twitter comment trying to point out how something a guy wrote is over-analysing, pretentious, or however else you‚??d like to describe something in order to dismiss a writer‚??s enthusiasm. (more‚?¶) (http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/02/19/the-sunday-papers-206/#more-95051)

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