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02-20-12, 07:40 AM
Penny Arcade‚??s new games journalism site (note the lack of capitalisation), the PA Report (http://penny-arcade.com/report), has kicked off with an interview with Uncy Gabe of Valve‚??s new beard (http://hw1.pa-cdn.com/par/img/editorial/gabe_alt.jpg). Most interviews with the newly hirsute Newell have some form of forward looking speculation about the industry, because that‚??s the way his mind works, and Newell‚??s take on hardware shows that the Valve hivemeind are contemplating how best to serve customers hardware as well as software. Though Newell observes that ‚??It‚??s definitely not the first thought that crosses our mind‚??, Valve‚??s biofeedback experiments (http://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/35372/GDC_Vault_Adds_Valve_Biofeedback_CounterStrike_Hal fLife_2_Talks.php) have been so successful that they are, if no-one else does it adequately, prepared to sell the hardware themselves.

‚??It‚??s not a question of whether or not this is going to be useful for customers, whether or not it‚??s going to be useful for content developers, you know, it‚??s figuring out the best way we can get these into people‚??s hands.‚??

But how could that happen?

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