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09-03-03, 04:33 PM
Right I'm at the stage where I'm so pissed off I could throw this card in the SKIP!!!.

Every time I'm playing ET or RTCW or in fact any game the bloody system locks up.

Firstly it's for about 10secs then a little later is's for about 30 secs then later it locks up completley.

Windows reported the following:

Analysis Information

Thank you for submitting an error report. The error was likely caused by:

NVIDIA Graphics Driver

NVIDIAŽ Corporation is the manufacturer. Microsoft cannot provide you with specific information about how to resolve this problem at this time. Please contact NVIDIAŽ Corporation in order to find out if a solution or an updated version of NVIDIA Graphics Driver is available. For more information, see the NVIDIAŽ Corporation Web site.

So where do I go from here?

09-03-03, 04:46 PM
Why are you starting a new thread instead of just continuing the original...

09-03-03, 04:48 PM
Dude your system is already complicated enough? Dual CPUs etc and then 1 professional 3D card and a FX 5900. No wonder u have issues running things! Unfortunately there is no one in these forums that probably have the hardwar eyou have or expereinced such problems. Might I suggest that you remove the PCI 3D card and see what happened?


09-03-03, 05:02 PM
I installed the PCI card because I thought there was a conflict when the same thing happenend with Dual Monitors.

I have removed it and just used 1 monitor and stil happens, I even changed my monitors around and still it happens.

My system is only a Business spec so it's not complicated.

As far as issues running things, this problem occured when I reinstalled Windows XP and no other software other than RTCW, so there's no conflict there.

09-03-03, 06:09 PM
I think Compaq has trademarked the system lockup so that may be your reason.

09-03-03, 07:07 PM
I know you probably have already tried this but try updating your det drivers or just change the back to older ones. Try installing the drivers that came with the card? Or you can go by the windows motto:

Repeat if still not working


09-04-03, 09:39 AM
Posted the same thread to MSI Forums, their comments are that they think it's a PSU problem.

Even though I have a 460W PSU they are advising that you need 550w +.

I quickly ran to the box that I received it in and was unable to find any reference to Power Requirements for this card.

So anybody out there that has a MSI GeForce 5900 Ultra unless you have a Super Duper PSU you will have problems running 3D games because ur system won't be able to cope with the demand of the Graphics Card. (What a load of Bollocks). Would love to know what NVidia thinks.

Personally I think the card is crap and the quicker they take it back and give me a Radeon 9800 Pro the better.

The Baron
09-04-03, 09:51 AM
Uh, looking at your workstation specs, two processors, two video cards, etc., no, a 550W PSU is not full of crap.