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02-20-12, 11:40 AM

Normally we use the made-up term ‚??Diablolike‚?? to mean a game in the vein of hacky-slashy dungeon-crawling, but in this instance I use it to mean ‚??a game that really, really wants to look like Diablo III.‚?? From colour palette to fonts, the look of Dungeon King (http://bulletproofarcade.com/games/DungeonKing) is to my mind as shameless as a guy wearing one of those ‚??dip me in chocolate and throw me to the lesbians‚?? t-shirt, but I post it because it‚??s quite the technically-accomplished piece for a browser/Flash game. It looks great, the essential running around and chopping up monsters stuff is fast and fluid, and it‚??s got its compulsion loops running at maximum efficiency: you won‚??t want to stop until‚?¶ well, you won‚??t want to stop. That‚??s the point.
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