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02-23-12, 03:10 AM
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Just about two weeks are left before the game Mass Effect 3 gets released and while the hopes for it performing well in stereoscopic 3D mode it seems that the game won‚??t be very playable in it when launched. That of course does not make ME3 a game not worth playing, but we should most likely play it in non-stereo 3D mode at least for the initial launch, just don‚??t get your hopes too high that there might be an official patch to improve things later on. I‚??ll play Mass Effect 3 for sure, just like I did with the two previous versions, it would‚??ve been nice to play it in stereo 3D mode as the game could‚??ve looked great, but that won‚??t stop me from playing it in plain 3D mode‚?¶

ME3 is a game that would just benefit extra from good stereoscopic 3D support, but even without the perfect S3D support it is still something worth playing‚?¶ unlike some other games that even if they may look good in stereo 3D mode could still be crap. The good news is that not all hope is lost and even if game developers are still not paying too much attention to the constantly growing stereo 3D gaming community, the members of that community are trying to find a way to make things better and more compatible. One such thing that may help people get better results when playing games with not so good stereo 3D support is the DirectX 9 DLL wrapper tool developed by Helix (http://3dvision-blog.com/7110-new-approach-in-making-games-work-better-in-stereo-3d-mode/). This is essentially a tool that would allow the easy removal of problematic pixel and vertex shaders in stereo 3D mode by the user, so that a specific game can look better and have less issues in S3D mode. And for some more advanced users it can allow not only the easier removal method, but also the harder editing of existing shaders to make them render properly in stereo 3D mode. User developed tools like this can help us get what the game developer could not deliver, although even with them there is no guarantee that every issue can be resolved, at least tools like that can help us get better results. So with the help of tools like Helix‚??s DX9 DLL wrapper we may get the chance to enjoy games that have issues in stereo 3D mode with less of these present, so the experience could be improved. And you as a member of the stereoscopic 3D gaming community can also help by using the DLL wrapper and sharing the shader modifications that you can make with it‚?¶

You can check this Helixmod Wiki (http://helixmod.wikispot.org/) for some stereo 3D game fixes based on the DX9 DLL wrapper mentioned above that were made by other S3D games like you. And if you want to try the tool yourself, you are welcome to do so and of course also share your modifications with everyone else that might be interested in using them, especially if you have some experience with vertex and pixel shader programming. If you are interested you can find more information about Helix‚??s DX9 DLL wrapper and how to use it here (http://forums.nvidia.com/index.php?showtopic=222386). And if that is something that does not interest you that much or is too hard for you, just check out the modifications shared by other users, you might find something useful.

Getting back on the topic about the upcoming ME3 game, if you are a big fan like me and cannot wait for the new installment to become available, you can check out the Mass Effect 3 Contest (http://www.geforce.com/LandingPage/me3-sweeps) currently being held by Nvidia. You might be able to win some cool hardware if you have a good knowledge of the Mass Effect world and show it in the Mass Effect 3 Trivia Sweepstakes, just have in mind that participation is limited to only some countries ‚?? United States, Nederlands, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Brasil, Czech Republic and Australia.

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