View Full Version : 3D Vision No Longer Supports Generic CRT Monitors in Stereo 3D

02-23-12, 04:50 PM

If you have installed the latest WHQL GeForce video drivers version 295.73 you might have noticed that they no longer have support for Generic CRT mode that allows you to use an old CRT monitor in stereoscopic 3D mode. We actually got a hint that this is going to happen from the few beta video drivers made available prior to the release of 295.73, so if you still havenā??t upgraded your old CRT monitor to a new 120Hz LCD display than maybe you should start thinking about it. Of course you can still use the old 285.62 driver that has support for CRT displays for a while, instead of upgrading to the latest drivers, however in a few months time you will start loosing some extra performance optimizations and new features as they get introduced to newer drivers. Up until the 285.62 driver Nvidia has been providing support for CRTs for legacy users, but they probably consider that it is about time to move on focusing more on 3D Vision certified products than on legacy CRT support. So the question is how many users are actually still using their CRT displays together with 3D Vision, anyone here doing that and not happy with the removal of the CRT support in the latest drivers?

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