View Full Version : Winter Ending Flight Stereo 3D Short Video from Czech Republic

02-24-12, 04:40 PM
An interesting short 3D video showing the beautiful Czech countryside from the above shot from a helicopter at the end of winter 2011, made by Donein3D (http://donein3d.com/). This 3D video has been available for quite a while already, but I just recently saw it and if you haven‚??t watched it yet, then you should take a look. You can watch the embedded YouTube 3D version or download the clip from the link below in Side by Side format with half horizontal resolution. If you watch the video feel free to share your feedback below‚?¶

- Download the Winter Ending Flight short stereoscopic 3D video in MP4 format‚?¶ (http://uploading.com/files/b31da479/Winter%2Bending%2Bflight%2B3D.mp4/)

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