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02-26-12, 06:10 AM

Reflections on the Growth of 3D is the name of a new blog by Barry Sandrew, the founder and president of Legend3D ‚?? a company specialized in 2D to 3D video conversion technology. In his blog, Barry Sandrew shares some interesting information regarding 3D movies and the science behind seeing them with the added perception of volume. And although the blog is still quite new with just a few publications as of the moment, hopefully there will be more made available in time, so definitely a place to look at. You can also follow Barry Sandrew on Twitter (https://twitter.com/MovieProducer) as well.

- Visit Barry Sandrew‚??s new blog called the Reflections on the Growth of 3D‚?¶ (http://bsandrew.blogspot.com/)

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