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02-27-12, 07:50 AM
John spent this weekend glowing after interviewing Tim Schafer on Friday evening. Heā??s listening to it right now, so he can make text zaps for your eye goo. But thatā??s this afternoon-ish. In the here and now I have an interview, the first in a series it seems, by Double Fineā??s Tim talking to Double Fineā??s Grumpy Gilbert about a genre of game called ā??Adventureā??. It was filmed before the Kickstarter (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/66710809/double-fine-adventure) madness propelled their old-school 2D adventure game upwards, so itā??s rather humble and nice. I expect the next video to be shot in 3D on a beach, with Tim reclined in a sun lounger while George Clooney reads out the questions and instructs the interviewee to not look directly at Tim. Until that day, hereā??s everyday Tim and Ron talking about adventure games, in the Double Fine offices.
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