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02-27-12, 07:50 AM

Accidental audio creation and island exploration are the tasks at hand in Proteus (http://www.visitproteus.com/), although everything in the game is less of a ‚??task‚?? and more of a possibility. Wandering around randomly generated landscapes, which are like storybook dreams from yesteryear, the player discovers visual features that trigger audio effects, from the plinky-plonky strum of rainfall to the jolly synth-speak of peculiar lifeforms. I think they‚??re lifeforms anyway. They may just be forms because that‚??s the kind of stroll this is; a perambulation through a world of beautiful, gentle wonder. The beta is now available to preorder customers (http://www.visitproteus.com/?page_id=116), who‚??ll be paying $7.50 and receiving all future updates and an EP.

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