View Full Version : Retail Radeon 8500 64MB

09-11-02, 01:34 PM
Would like to sell for 75.00 or Best offer. Will ship in US only, and would prefer paypal payment.
Card always run at stock speeds, have all included discs, cables and box.
If anyones interested reply here or PM me. If not Ill give it to my buddy whos still stuck with a TnT2 Vanta...ooof.:D

09-16-02, 01:25 AM
How about you give it to me? I have a computer that is still stuck on vanta...:D

09-20-02, 07:40 AM
I didnt get many bites on it so I gave it to my friend with the TnT2...i made sure to warn him a million times to download the newest drivers tho...didnt want his first experience with it to be with the drivers on the install disc.

09-24-02, 09:32 PM
Hey Fanatic,
I'll give you $50.00 for it.