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02-29-12, 01:30 PM
Precocious, pondering, prattish younger me used to stand in game shops holding Janeā??s Combat Simulation games, marveling at the heft of the box, the grandeur of the screens, imagining Jane at her desk, making a game and being so proud sheā??d put her name to it. I was stupid. Now I know better: Jane is the second name of military enthusiast Fred T. Jane (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fred_T._Jane), and he died in 1916. He didnā??t make those games, although given that they were basically manuals made into gaming form, with his love of detailing military hardware heā??d probably have enjoyed their elegant air battles and ****pit rendering. As for the latest incarnation, Janeā??s Advanced Strike Fighters (http://www.evolvedgames.com/JASF-english.htm), being released a full decade after the last one, Iā??m pondering how heā??d react. The video below looks fun, sure, but Iā??m sensing developers Evolved Games have taken a bit of a diversion around realism.
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