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09-04-03, 09:58 PM
anyone else in here that is using a dell demension 8200 that wants info on upgrading to as high as 3.06 ghz and having hyper threading enabled also, please post in here and ill let you know how high you can upgrade depending on which dememnsion 8200 you have. list your complete system spec's, remembering that this is for dell demension 8200 owners only, that may not know of this possible upgrade and hyper threading ability. i just discovered that i can upgrade my 2.26ghz to a 3.06ghz and also be able to enable hyper threading with a special bios flash/update.
so anyways if anyone comes across this that has a dell dem 8200 post your questions in here and ill get back to you with details.

09-04-03, 10:12 PM
the part about the hyper threading ability is a real good story...read on...when dell released the first A09 BIOS flash update on september 13, 2002 they said you would be able to enable hyper threading as long as you had a 3.06ghz cpu, but then they pulled that bios update only after 3 weeks and released another A09 ,which is the one on their site now without hyper threading ability in it, and then right after that they released the new demension 8250 models ..SCREWING ALL OF US 8200 OWNERS.

BUT someone within the dell forums had made a copy of the old A09 version and saved it to floppy disk and then discovered once he upgraded to the 3.06ghz cpu, and used the original bios A09...now hyper threading can be enabled. not that many software titles use hyper threading but what i liked was the part of dell being sneaky about, but someone outsmarted them and discovered their rotten trick.

like i mentioned above, even if you dont want to use the hyper threading, you can still go possibly as high as 3.06ghz just by buying a new CPU chip. the current price for the 3.06ghz(northwood) cpu is about $380.00, but it is projected to come down in price in october to around $275.00. if you already have a 2.4/2.6/2.8ghz dem 8200 it may not be worth the money, but for me being at a 2.26ghz to go to a 3.06ghz for that price seems pretty good. after all i will be gaining 800mhz all together.

your existing power supply will work with the new chip and so wont the existing heatsink and fan. if you really want to you could also upgrade you power supply to a 400watt from googlegear for around $140.00, this is a good idea if you are gonna upgrade your video card to the ati 9800pro video card as it requires more power than the geforce 4 ti4600

09-04-03, 10:43 PM
I'm interested because my fatherinlaw bought one. I've just replaced the HD and put in 512mb of pc600 rdram. Can you give the bios? or do I have to dl it from another site?

thanks a ton


09-04-03, 11:06 PM
are you sure it was pc600 ram you put in and not pc800? also list your complete specs for system. the hyper threading ability only works if you have updated to 3.06ghz CPU. what is his current processor speed now? and what front side bus does he have? it is either 400 fsb or 533 fsb

09-05-03, 08:25 PM
basically if you have dell demension 8200 (not 8250 or 8300) with a 400mhz front side bus, which i believe is the systems that have less than a 2.0ghz in them, then you can upgrade as high as a 2.6ghz.
and if you have the demension 8200 with a 533mhz FSB you can upgrade to as high as 3.06ghz(not 3.6, just 3.06) and also with the special bios version that i can tell you were to get it from, you will be able to enable "HYPER THREADING".


if you need more info reply in here for more help/details/instructions.

09-05-03, 08:48 PM
another thing you could do is go to www.powerleap.com and then in bottom left corner click on "QUICK CPU UPGRADE" FINDER..when the window is displayed with info click on " MAINBOARD" tab and look at the "CHIPSET" info..if you have the intel i850E, then you can go up to the 533mhz FSB/ 3.06ghz Chip, if it is the i850 then the most you can upgrade to is the 400mhz FSB /2.6ghz Chip

like i said earlier if you already have a 2.53ghz/2.6ghz/2.8ghz proceesor with 533 mhz fsb it really is not worth the current $380.00 to upgrade to a 3.06ghz.i have the 2.26ghz so if iupgrade ill gain 800mhz total.
but if you have the earlier demension 8200 models that came with the 400mhz FSB, like a 1.7ghz 400 mhz fsb, then to go from 1.7ghz to a 2.6ghz would be well worth the cost of this upgrade which is currently $250.00 and suppose to be lowered in october.

09-07-03, 12:03 PM
I still have 8200 533 FSB, thanks for the info. Where can I read up and get this flash if I ever decide to upgrade it?

09-07-03, 06:22 PM
hi liquidx, what size processor do you have? 2.0ghz? 2.26ghz? 2.4ghz? 2.6ghz?2.8ghz?

09-10-03, 12:07 AM
It has 2.53 and a 533FSB.