View Full Version : If you have Pioneer DVD burner

09-05-03, 12:24 AM
Specificially the DVR-A05, you should check this (http://forum.rpc1.org/viewtopic.php?t=12632) out. Within that link, you find a place to download some hacked firmware for this particular drive. While the different firmware (based on the latest 1.33 release) allows you to burn at faster speeds on lower-rated media and remove region protection, the big news is that this drive unlocks DVD ripping speeds. I could never figure out why my DVR-A05 would only rip DVDs at 2x while my old DVD-105S could rip in upwards of 8-10x. Turns out Pioneer locked users out of faster speeds through the firmware. But not any more! I've personally not had a chance to test this, but our very own Gib-McFragger tested it and his A05 hit a top ripping speed of 12x, which is the most this drive is capable of.

Like I said, use the link here to check out the firmware and more info about it.

09-12-03, 09:26 PM
I've been using this firmware for over a month ,I've had no problems with it and ripping speeds are near 12X most the time :D


09-13-03, 08:59 AM
One thing I've noticed about ripping speeds is that they can vary significantly with the disc ripped. Most DVD5 discs rip very quickly, say around 10x-12x. Somet DVD9 discs however won't rip at over 6x.