View Full Version : Heard of a Jetway?

09-05-03, 08:54 AM
ever heard of jetway motherboards? what do u think about them?

Dark Jedi
09-05-03, 03:38 PM
My personal opinion of Jetway is that their products suck. I owned 2 of their motherboards and 1 vga card in past years, and had nothing but grief with them. Now I only buy decent branded PC components (more expensive, but less problems)

But... some I know use their products with no problems. So, you might be wise to track down some reviews for a 2nd opinion.

Just my 2 cents. :)

09-06-03, 01:27 AM
Do a search in this forum, cause I'm sure I answered this same question about 3-6 months ago.

Bottom line is: Cheap, works, ordinary performance, some OCing features. I would personally only buy as budget work machine. I own one and it runs fine though I use WinME with it, which is not exactly a stable OS.

09-06-03, 02:27 AM
well, i got a jetway polaris 400, and its runnin like a dream. LOADS of features, oc's well, haven't had any problems, i have winxp running on it at the moment as well. im just seeing what other people think of em. oh and at a computer store (cheapest one i've ever seen) claim that a jetway is the fastest amd board they have atm. im confused. are they lying or telling the truth? cause if i can get my hands on the FASTEST mobo, and its a jetway, then im gonna get em. their reliable from what i've experienced.

09-06-03, 05:19 AM
Probly the fastest they have in stock :D

09-06-03, 05:54 AM
if its the fastest they have, than its the fastest we have in australia, cause its like..the best store here in aussie land. i went there again, and it turns out its the fastest, cheapest AND most reliable board they have...think of the price though..

09-10-03, 01:24 AM
I have tried two Jetway 845PE boards, the Alioth, mainly because the boards had something I had never seen before: 4-phase power with EIGHT large mosfets. Even the Abit IT7Max2 Ver. 2.0 uses 4 small and 4 large mosfets. However, the boards still undervolt VCORE by .05, but voltage is rock steady.

The boards are pretty stable and quick in Win98SE, but not ready for prime time: on-board audio craps out when you overclock the board (common problem with inexperienced MB makers); won't run ATI 9700/9800 Pro cards (common problem with other 845 boards); doesn't overclock as well as the best Abit boards (180 fsb versus 184). Worse yet, crappy BIOS that - believe it or not - only has a 1:1 DDR ratio above 166 fsb!!! Even though the board has 2.8 VDIMM. I queried Jetway tech support about this and whether they would have an updated BIOS but, as expected, got no reply.

As mentioned, OK for a budget board. They are being liquidated here in Japan for around $50.