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09-05-03, 10:36 AM
I wasn't sure whether to put this in for sale or trade because I'm not actually selling it yet. What I'm looking for are opinions on what you all think is a reasonable price.

I'm looking to sell a Visiontek Ti4600 128meg card. I have attached aftermarket heatsinks to the memory, though I never did overclock it. What do you all think is a reasonable selling price? $100?

Thanks guys :)

09-05-03, 10:38 AM
I think $100 for a 4600 is a fair price to ask, although I might be ready to take $80 for it.

EDITED BITS: I meant that YOU should be ready to accept an offer for $80 for it, I am NOT in the market for anything right now. ;)

09-05-03, 10:44 AM
If i had 100$ id buy it from ya, im broke atm though : O

09-05-03, 11:33 AM
Thanks for the ideas guys. I'm going to try and sell it to some friends that live locally first and then put it up for sale elsewhere.

09-05-03, 04:37 PM
I sold one a couple months ago on eBay for $140, you might check there to see what people are getting.


The Baron
09-05-03, 04:39 PM
Even though it's used, it's probably better than any card you could get for $150. So, I'd guess $100-120 would be a fair price.