View Full Version : Battle Rattles Big Mechs In This Hawken Footage

03-02-12, 05:10 AM
Whenever I watch Hawken (http://www.playhawken.com/)footage, I need a bit of time alone afterwards to lie down and stop the room from spinning. Everything shakes in Adhesiveā??s mech-on-mech FPS. Even the crosshairs judder in combat. I wish the bolts were a little bit tighter. While itā??s immersive, the localised earthquakes on feet seem to be engineered by evil dentists, intent on cracking the teeth of the drivers. Iā??ll bet thereā??s an option to auto-pilot the things right to a dentistā??s office for a mid-battle fixer-upper. Its the only explanation Iā??m considering, so donā??t fill the comments with alternatives after watching the video below, as thereā??s almost no chance of me paying any heed to silly theories not based on the history of evil dentistry.
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