View Full Version : Calling All Asus A7n8x Deluxe Owners Please Help I Beg You

09-05-03, 02:47 PM
PLEASE do me this favour:

Restart you machine and when the Black screen with all the writing comes up can you see if it says in White Writing something like this


Its something like that anyway, I think all ASUS A7N8X's have this but can you please check this for me.

I think its something the board has too protect your computer from a Virus your see the screen right after the Asus A7N8X Logo screen at startup you have to be very fast too see it press the PAUSE button?

Dark Jedi
09-05-03, 03:42 PM
Do you mean the POST screen? I can't say I've ever seen that message... nope, I'm certain I ain't ever seen it. I am using an older BIOS revision (1003), maybe added with a later version, which one you using?

I also have the Asus logo screen disabled.

09-05-03, 07:22 PM
No, I have never notice anything that said that during post.

09-05-03, 08:01 PM
I haven't seen a message like that on any of my A7N8Xs :( sorry