View Full Version : Latest PGI Compilers support OpenACC and CUDA for x86

03-06-12, 06:40 AM
HPCWire reports (http://www.hpcwire.com/hpcwire/2012-03-05/pgi_releases_hpc_compilers_and_development_tools.h tml):

PORTLAND, Ore., March 5 ?? The Portland Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of STMicroelectronics, today announced availability of the 2012 release of the PGI line of high-performance parallelizing compilers and development tools for Linux, OS X and Windows. PGI 2012 is the first general release to include support for the OpenACC directive-based programming model (http://www.openacc-standard.org) for NVIDIA CUDA-enabled Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). This release is also the first to include the fully feature-enabled PGI CUDA C/C++ compiler for multi-core x64 CPUs (http://www.pgroup.com/resources/cuda-x86.htm) from Intel and AMD. In addition, PGI 2012 includes a number of performance and feature enhancements for multi-core x64 processor-based HPC systems.


More... (http://gpgpu.org/2012/03/06/pgi-compilers-openacc-cuda-x86)