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09-06-03, 12:03 AM
I know , I know... not many of you are apple fans, nor do you own apples. But awhile ago, someone I knew had this G3 powerbook ( laptop ) in storage. I asked if he would sell it for a decent amount. Just something my mom could use to use word on ( which came with it ). Anywyas, it died quickly since the battery charging unit and power control section had been damaged at some point ( at least, thats what the tech guy said at the apple repair place ). Well, it would be alot of money to have it repaired. So I'm just selling the parts off of it that I know are still good.

This stuff cames from a :

-- Macintosh PowerBook G3 Series ( Barcodel # : ck825OOUCWN

1 : Floppy Drive Expansion Bay Module
Serial # : 825-4267-A ( the only
number on the bottom of it to ID it

2: PowerBook 20x CD-ROM Module
Model #: M2451
Barcode # : PA817169BB2A*
Misc info : 169 - April - 1998 Rev. A

3: Monitor off the g3 powerbook. I still need to figure out how to remove it with out damaging it, and figure out how much it worth since I've been told alot.

Please PM with prices on any or all of it. If you not interested in these parts , but you know maybe the worth of these used but in good condition parts... let me know as well

Im open to ideas .. I just need to get it sold , since its no good to me, and I need the money ( got laid off my job recently )


-- jolt

09-06-03, 01:01 AM
Hey, i do have some insight from takeing apart a pc lap top that may be helpfull to your monitor problem.

PC lap tops use what they call a LVD (low voltage diffrental) and its like a thin IDE ribion. If the ribon gets broken its pritty much impossible to fix : (

There may be connector to the board that you can remove, if not you may have a situation getting it off.

09-06-03, 02:22 AM

Awesome, thanks for the info. The guy that I took the g3 laptop into, told me there is a way to remove it, just have to find the screws and unattach the cables. So, what you are talking about, is probably what he was talking about.

Thanks. Now, I just hope someone wants to buy these parts. I thought I'd post them on here for a bit, before I try the local newspaper, or ebay ( which doesn't appeal to me... not much of a fan of ebay ).

-- jolt

09-06-03, 05:50 AM
Well...how much would you sell it for, assembled?

09-06-03, 06:02 PM
The whole thing?

Laptop, floppy, cd drive?

Hmm, im not sure.. state a price and I'll come up with one and im sure we can work something out so its a good deal both ways.

-- jolt

09-12-03, 09:50 PM
Just an update... still haven't sold any of the parts that I listed. If you're interested, just PM me or reply to this post. Next week, I'll probably put the disk drive and the CD-Rom up for sale. On ebay or maybe something local

have a good weekend.. :beer:

-- jolt