View Full Version : GDC 2012: new PhysX and APEX technology revealed

03-09-12, 05:40 AM
Gametrailers has published several videos, revealing what kind of newest additions to PhysX SDK (http://physxinfo.com/wiki/Category:PhysX_SDK) engine and APEX Framework (http://physxinfo.com/wiki/Category:APEX) were showcased at NVIDIA Booth, at current GDC.

First video is showing yet experimental technology ?? new cloth solver and real-time fracturing.

Wooly character contains 840 000 particles simulated as 100 000 invidual strands of fur ?? seems to be the work of clothing solver, introduced in PhysX 3.

Real-time fracturing will be nice addition to the APEX Destruction (http://physxinfo.com/wiki/APEX_Destruction) module, which, currently, is utilizing only pre-fractured meshes. Fracturing happening in real-time, accordingly to impact force and point of damage application will certanly make destruction look more natural and immersive.

Second video is showcasing production technology: APEX Turbulence, APEX Destruction and APEX Clothing modules integrated in UE3.

APEX Turbulence (http://physxinfo.com/wiki/APEX_Turbulence) module, so far only featured in Dark Void (http://physxinfo.com/data/vreview_dvoid.php) title is making a coming back ! Fully realisitic and dynamic smoke or dust it can produce would be welcomed addition to upcoming games.

APEX Destruction was demonstrated in a form of good old Art Gallery (http://physxinfo.com/news/6649/gpu-rigid-bodies-in-pictures/) scene, used at previous GDC as well.

And finally, Samaritan character (http://physxinfo.com/news/5052/post-gdc-2011-interactive-clothing-in-samaritan-demo-using-nvidia-apex/) was utilized to showcase capabilities of clothing simulation through APEX Clothing (http://physxinfo.com/wiki/APEX_Clothing) module.

More... (http://physxinfo.com/news/7748/gdc-2012-new-physx-and-apex-technology-revealed/)