View Full Version : Abit FX 5600 Ultra OTES

09-06-03, 11:31 AM
Have just bought one, and have a few questions:
How are they for overclocking? As i understand it they use rev 2 chips, so already clocked higher than the old 5600 ultras - is there any headroom left?
Also does the old coolbits registry hack work? I was expecting Abit to include some sort of overclocking utility with the package, but theres nothing.
Thanks for any advice!

09-06-03, 01:08 PM
Yes coolbits works for your card.

Every card is diffrent, but your card is sold on the basis that its OTES system provides better cooling.

I belive your card is clocked at 400mhz core, id just slowly push it up untill you get artifacts and then bring it slowly down untill they are gone.

Id use 3dmark03 or some 3d game to stres it after you up the clock.

You could also try the auto-detect to see what it says, use it as a starting point maybe.

09-06-03, 05:48 PM
thanks for the tips glowstick... I'll do as you suggest :)

09-06-03, 05:57 PM
MOst of the heard room is in the memory with alot hit 900+MHz can't say for sure aabout the GPU.

09-07-03, 03:43 AM
The headroom in the NV31 revision 2 chips is not much less than the 'old' NV31 chips.

If the card has good memory, like some GeForceFX 5600 cards have (2.2 ns BGA DDR-SDRAM) than there is a good chance you can clock these close to 900 MHz DDR, as Dazz mentioned.