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09-06-03, 03:58 PM
I currently have a stick of DDR 2100 512 mb by Samsung. It is running at 2700 speeds. I want to upgrade to 1 GB by purchasing one 512 mb stick.

A few questtions:
1. Should I look for the same exaxt type of ram ? Samsung 2100 ? It is near impossible to find those.
2. Can i buy DDR 2700 ? If yes, my fsb is overclocked so theoretically those Chips will not run with same speeds.
3. Any suggestions ?

Thx folks, as usual I count on YOU !

09-06-03, 05:37 PM
I think you're really asking two questions:
(1) can you get dual channel mode from your DDR PC2100 with another stick of DDR 512 MB memory (answer: yes)
(2) Should you buy a matching stick of PC2100 and over clock, or a stick of PC2700 and run it at stock speed.

IMHO you should buy two sticks of 512 MB DDR PC2700 at the same time, and overclock them, and sell the PC2100.

I've never had any dual-channel problems on seven nForce configurations, because I invariably buy two DDR DIMMs at the same time. While I've spent extra money on "hand matched" TWINX DDR from Corsair, my non-matched (but same invoice) Mushkin DDR performs in dual channel mode just as well without the extra expense.

09-06-03, 05:44 PM
Thanx for teh reply....

You have answered my question only partially..... but thanx - it was helpful

I am still trying to figure out if i can have a DDR 2100 stick and DDR 2700 stick working together ?

Will they work with 2100 or 2700 speed [ without overclocking ] ?

It is an old setup from over a year ago.
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09-06-03, 05:54 PM
two 512M DIMMs will give you 1G no matter what, regardless if one is PC2100 and the other is PC2700.

The actual speed will be determined by the worst-performing DIMM. However, just because two modules might operate at 166/333 MHz, doesn't mean you automatically get dual-channel performance. It's a crap shoot whether you can get a PC2700 module to co-operate in dual channel mode with a PC2100 DIMM that overclocks to 166/333 MHz.

09-06-03, 11:15 PM
I wouldn't do it, but that doesn't mean it won't work. It'd be cheaper than 2x512MB, so give it a shot.

09-07-03, 04:02 AM
JUst been looking your 1.8GHz is doing 2.5GHz 133MHz (533) FSB so PC2100 would do.

Also you can put in PC2700 memory with the PC2100 and manual clock the PC2100 back to the speeds you had and the PC2700 will work at them speeds.

09-09-03, 12:16 AM
If you want to buy some pc2700 samsung and go to a 200FSB, get the memory with the TCB3 stepping. I have used two different sticks of this RAM and I have had no trouble running them at 200mhz. In fact I have had the same stick running at 200 for over 3 months now.

09-14-03, 03:45 PM
ok ppl thanx for all teh feedback !!

i found an exact same stick of memory that i hvae purchased over a year ago !!!

now i got a 2 samsung 2100 512MB sticks running at 333 Mhz - no problems what so ever :)

btw - 1gig of ram = sweetness