View Full Version : Sand In Your Pants: The Itchy New Spec Ops Trailer

03-13-12, 12:40 PM
Spec Ops: The Line (http://www.specopstheline.com/us/agegate.html)is on a mission to prove it‚??s not just the sand that‚??s gritty with this new ‚??Community Gameplay Trailer‚??. Whoever the Spec Ops community is, they‚??re sick puppies, as this is nothing but a catalogue of human misery: Argos filled with skulls, a Littlewoods of pain, an Innovations dedicated exclusively to a helmet that stops brain matter from staining your nice rug. Bad things might go down in the desert, but you won‚??t have to worry about worming bits of lobe out your finest shag with the Brain Buster! Act now and get Butt Blaster, the amazing all-in-one rifle butt cleaner and clockwork radio.
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