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09-08-03, 03:10 AM

"Valve says Half-Life 2 is due to be shipped by the end of September, despite rumours of a delay."

"Valve has sought to reassure gamers that they will not need to buy the latest high spec computer to play the game.

It is aiming for a game that will run on a machine with a 733Mhz processor, with 128Mb RAM and a DirectX 6 graphics card."

yeah, shame that steam wants double that for some reason :rolleyes:

* What are the system requirements for Steam?

Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP
500 MB HD space
256 MB RAM
1.0 Ghz processor
1GB HD space (strongly recommended)
Broadband Internet connection (128kb/s or higher strongly recommended)

It is also recommended that Steam be installed on a hard disk formatted using NTFS. Fat32 drives will work, but performance will be slower.

09-09-03, 06:58 AM
well actually the release date on Game.uk.com web site has been changed from 30 Sept to TBC

09-09-03, 11:10 PM