View Full Version : Borderlands 2 will be enhanced with GPU PhysX effects

03-22-12, 09:10 AM
It is now official ‚?? Borderlands 2 (http://www.borderlands2.com/) will be the next game to support GPU accelerated PhysX effects.

At GeForce Kepler Editor‚??s Day (event, during which Kepler GPUs were presented to press), Borderlands 2 demo featuring GPU PhysX effects was demonstrated by Randy Pitchford, Gearbox Founder and CEO, running on a GeForce GTX 680 GPU.


Hardware accelerated content will include:

Fully simulated tearable cloth which interacts with weapons, forces, weather, etc
Persistent GPU simulated particles that interact with the world
Fully-interactive fluids
Maybe something more
We hope that Gearbox will provide more detailed information, including screenshots or video, soon enough.

Borderlands 2 is slated to be released in September, 2012.

More... (http://physxinfo.com/news/7865/borderlands-2-will-be-enhanced-with-gpu-physx-effects/)