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03-27-12, 04:30 PM

Legend Of Grimrock is out in a couple of weeks, via Steam and GOG.com, and anticipation is building. A game that harks back to the glory days of FTLā??s Dungeon Master is something many would like to get their hands on. Get my hands on it I have, and after spending a little time with some pre-release code, Iā??m excited to confirm it really does seem to be capturing that era, with tile-based movement, a quartet of characters, and the terrifying moments when youā??re trying to mix a potion in the middle of a fight. Below you can read the top 11 things that I think make it a game worth taking an interest in. (I have a sneaking suspicion that anyone who didnā??t play Dungeon Master is going to find this post a touch confusing.)

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