View Full Version : The Big Cow Punch: A Guide To An Idiot‚??s Fallout 2

03-28-12, 05:10 PM
Joe Martin (https://twitter.com/#!/joethreepwood) decides to explore Fallout 2 from the perspective of a character with no stats in the brain department. And, goodness, has a game ever responded coherently to attributed stupidity?

Fallout 2 is old, so there‚??s only a handful of flickery cutscenes and none of these ever show you your hand-built character actually doing anything. The intro, for example, where you‚??re told that you‚??re the Chosen One and must quest for the Macguffin of the Moment, focuses solely on the the half-blind village elder. Which is a shame, because I imagine how my character, Al, would react to this news would be‚?¶ interesting.
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