View Full Version : Itā??s Time For An Auto Club Revolution (Beta)

03-30-12, 05:20 AM

There used to be a cafe down the road from me called the Automatic Cafe, which transformed into the Automatic Lounge in the evening when drinks began to flow and musicians began to muse. Maybe even later, when the beat took hold and bodies began to shuffle toward a dance floor, it became the Automatic Club. Whether thatā??s the case or not, Auto Club Revolution (http://autoclubrevolution.com/en/) aims to be a social hub, being both a cars wot go fast simulation, and a cars wot go fast collection and modification suite. Now in open beta (http://autoclubrevolution.com/en/), the community aspect of this particular Revolution seems as important as the actual driving bits. The trailer below has more menus than motoring.

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