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03-30-12, 07:50 AM

Napoleon was most likely of average height rather than being the tiniest man in the world (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lo0i9iisAPo) and I‚??m sure that‚??s been taken into consideration during the making of this expansion for Mount and Blade: Warband (http://www.mountandbladewarband.com/). Everything else seems to be as historically accurate as might be expected in the excessive warmongering of the Mount and Blade series. Weapons, uniforms and even military musicians playing authentic songs of the period are all in place, as the hooves and hacking are somewhat eclipsed by boots and mortars. Taking in the final years of Napoleon‚??s conquest, it‚??s a multiplayer only affair that will be out later this spring. I‚??ve rounded up some documentary footage of the early 19th century below.

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